Magen Fire Flower

This wire and tubes fractal turned out well. The “Star of David” is improved by the flower in the middle.

Today’s Gratitude Item: Having enough time to get my Yom Ha’atzmaut graphic done. It will feature on this blog later next month. I’m just relieved that the thing has finally been finished!

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  1. Tim

    One of my earliest memories involved the Star of David. I was only a few years old and still in a stroller and my mother was trying to manouever me through the doorway of a store. On the glass door was this big sticker. They were all over the place for a few years during and after the Canadian centennial celebrations in 1967, so my memory may be from a later year, although that wouldn’t explain the stroller.

    The Green Sea Urchin is the best thing I think you’ve done. I don’t think I’ve seen anything quite like it.

  2. Anonymous

    Awesome work!

    I made something vaguely similar about a year ago, with a “flower of life” pattern in the middle as opposed to a “seed of life”:

    Love the blog you’ve got here. I found it via a google search for “Star of David fractal”.

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