At least this one was easy to name.

Today’s Gratitude Item: That the internet is finally back. I missed posting yesterday because it was down for so long! Was going through serious Internet withdrawal and it was not fun. Am pathetically happy that things are back to normal now.

Turns out that the “issue” was a telecom fault, rather than a problem with my system. Pity it took the guys at maxnet (my ISP) so long to figure it out. They had me changing my router settings and generally pulling my hair out before they finally thought to check if the issue was not with me! Then because they told me to change my settings, even when the issue with Telecom was solved, my system was still not working because the settings were wrong and the person I spoke to could not help me to fix it. Finally called my brother who was able to get me sorted in around two minutes!

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  1. Trée

    Holy cow Jenni. I have no words for how gorgeous this image is.

  2. TotalChaos

    This work you have been doing is just so neat and metallic. I love it. hate it when the ‘puter is not working right. Never had a problem with the telephone ISP I use, thankfully.

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