Woven Twighlight

Turns out that “woven” tiled script is very addictive. Its a good thing that it gives such pleasing results.

Today’s Gratitude Item: That my dad managed to get a flight home from Wellington today. He had to go there for the day on business and the weather was so bad that it got featured in the news. Very few flights managed to take off, and he was delayed for hours at the airport but luckily, his was one of the two flights that was not cancelled and he made it home safely.

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  1. Wontar

    This is magnificent! Purple = instant hit with me, but the etching/webbing/filaments within each strand of the weave… fantastic! Weaves within weaves, giving one a new experience with each viewing. Great!

  2. Trée

    I agree with everything Wontar said. Magnificent image Jenni.

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