This one “appeared” with minimal “tweaking”. Had problems deciding on the gradient but in the end managed to get it “sorted”.

Today’s Gratitude Item: My car passed its WOF (Warrant of Fitness). In NZ, you need a WOF to be allowed to drive your car as in driving without one is illegal and will result in a fine (if you are caught). The idea is that a WOF ensures that the car is road worthy. They have to be done every six months which is a pain but it does help the mechanics pay their bills.

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  1. Phil

    That looks great. I love it.

  2. TotalChaos

    Someday, Someday, I’ll figure this out. Beautiful.

  3. Oliviah

    Dreamy looking, love it. Not sure there will be a Someday that I figure this out, lol.

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