Universal Shell

The background resembles both a massive gallaxy and a relatively small shell. Makes you think, doesn’t it? Apologies to Nedbank*.

*Nedbank is a South African bank that, during my childhood, ran a rather memorable ad campaign with the slogan “makes you think, doesn’t it”. Needless to say this little phrase quickly became cliched.

Today’s Gratitude Item: Toast. As in sliced bread that has been heated up in a toaster. Happily Passover is done for another year and I can once again eat bread / yeast products 🙂 I don’t mind matzo but after eating it for eight days in place of bread, toast tastes like heaven.

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  1. Trée

    Very, very interesting design. The fractal has in incredible 3D look to it Jenni and the circles simply add to the effect perfectly.

  2. Phil

    Very cool picture Dzeni. Thanks for stopping by my blog too! It’s nice to make your acquaintance.

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