Wonder what creature will emerge from this one?

Today’s Gratitude Item: My neighbours came back from Hong Kong which means that not only don’t we have to clear their mailbox anymore, but they also bought us some really cool things. I was thrilled to bits to receive another 256Mb data stick. As you know, I seriously love those things and now that I have two of them, can take my data with me and have a “safe” copy at home as well. Life is good. Computer *sort of* behaving. As long as I don’t use Mozilla, it seems OK. Just don’t quote me on that. Happily a friend has offered to visit and “work his magic” if said computer does not get its act together. For the record, friends are much more important that computers 🙂

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  1. TotalChaos

    I saw this one pop out on your Flicker account, last night. Absolutely gorgeous work.

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