Red Ridge

This week is going to be as busy as last week. I can’t believe it! Was thinking things would calm down abruptly but they have not. Am already booked all the way through to Friday and my private students are still stressing about their forthcoming exams.

Today’s flame was a test done several weeks ago to see if the latest Beta version of Apophysis worked as expected. It did 🙂

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  1. TotalChaos

    Just can’t seem to get into where ever it is, you and Oliviah go to get your stuff. But that is ok, it’s better to be different, and present all types of styles.

  2. Gel

    This is an amazing photograph! Love the patterns, textures, the monochromatic and teritiary colours, plus a fantastic compostion (I’m here from ArtsyScience’s blog where I’m linked as Silken Threads blog (as SilvermOOn name), but I have my photography and other artwork on this blog. Well, some because I’m redsigning. I’m mostly a nature photographer and artist, different than you all. Again, awesome. (I love quilts but this photo grabs me!)

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