On Target Again

We've been here before but this one was pretty enough to keep. Today's Gratitude Item: A very nice, relaxing weekend. Am *almost* ready for the week ahead.

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Nuclear Peacock

We've definitely been here before! Today's Gratitude Item: Getting to sleep in a *tiny* bit. It made all the difference!

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Smooth Eternity

Pretty and restful at the same time... Today's Gratitude Item: A very busy day. The good thing about being busy is that there is no time to be bored.

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Wonky Web

It feels like we've been here before... Today's Gratitude Item: A relaxing vacation day where a few problems were successfully solved.

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Partial Web

A variation on a theme that worked out surprisingly well. Today's Gratitude Item: Unexpected rain. The garden needed it and I was inside at the time :)

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Funky Pebble Path

Pebbles are always good. They are at their best when they are funky. Today's Gratitude Item: Having time to get a significant project well underway. Some early mornings were involved…

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Bursting Web

This is what happens when spiders take mind altering substances in a fractal world. Today's Gratitude Item: Working from home tomorrow. It's like 'teacher only day' but we don't have…

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Broad Leaf

The ripples in this one could almost be the veins of a very large leaf. Today's Gratitude Item: Making half a dozen videos to teach the new level 2 programming…

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Multi Star

Getting metallic fractals can be surprisingly tricky. Happily things went well this time around. Today's Gratitude Item: That my brother (aka: my tech guy) was able to explain some mysterious…

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Bit of a Stretch

With added elastic! Today's Gratitude Item: Jet lag! As in my dodgiest student was due back from overseas today but I think he might be jet lagged as he did…

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