Unexpected Poles

This one is both funky and fun. Today's Gratitude Item: Shiny wool. Using said wool made a project that I'm working on turn out way better than expected.

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Corrugated Wave

Liked the texture of this one... Today's Gratitude Item: Having exactly what I needed to complete a holiday project. It's great when that happens.

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Blue Flames

This one is different - in a good way. Today's Gratitude Item: Finding my fluffy blue gloves. They were in the last place I looked :)

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Almost Plait

Perhaps this one should have been called 'Woven Ocean'. Today's Gratitude Item: The weekend is finally here. For a four day week, it's felt extraordinarily long.

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String Curvature

This one is not pretty but it was interesting enough to keep. Today's Gratitude Item: No morning meeting this morning and a short week ahead. Sometimes those little things make…

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Deep Dip

Finally something a bit different! Today's Gratitude Item: The short version is that I attempted something quite technical and it worked *almost* on the first attempt. Normally this sort of…

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Twin Peaks

We've definitely been here before! Today's Gratitude Item: An easy day which makes the perfect start to a lovely long weekend.

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Wave Replication

Waves are good. Especially when they are modern and funky. Today's Gratitude Item: Having done *most* of what needs to be done to be ready for next week. Not having…

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Summer Waves

I really struggled with the colours on this one - and they are still a bit bright... Today's Gratitude Item: Still having another week of holidays. I've been enjoying some…

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Pipe Wave

As in a wave that includes a pipe. Today's Gratitude Item: Getting quite a bit of concrete planning done for this year. It is amazing just how long it takes…

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