Wonky Triangle

It's worth remembering that sometimes 'wonky' is not the end of the world and can be beautiful in it's own right. Today's Gratitude Item: A delightful morning tea which was…



As a young adult I had a 'thing' for triangles and loved the colour blue. So this image made me really happy. Today's Gratitude Item: Snagging a delicious scone that…

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Green Risk

As in I took a bit of a risk with this one and it payed off. Today's Gratitude Item: That the internet makes it really easy to keep in touch…

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Hollow Warning

As in it looks like a warning sign - only it's hollow. Today's Gratitude Item: Our three week long school reading challenge is over. It was fun but I *might*…

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Sharp Triangle

It's good when the image has a three dimensional feel to it. Today's Gratitude Item: A chilled out day where I should have done some work but opted to play…

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Ice Capped

Dedicated to all of those skiing / snowboarding enthusiasts out there. Today's Gratitude Item: Having just enough grated cabbage for tonight's coleslaw. It was one of those things that made…

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Disc Function

Not quite what sure what I was thinking with this one... Today's Gratitude Item: Having an amazing view of tonight's full lunar eclipse. It was awesome.

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Flag Fun

These reminded me of pennants and it was fun to create - so naming this one was easy. Today's Gratitude Item: Finally getting all of my seventh graders onto our…

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Light Opera

This one reminded me of the Sydney Opera house (assuming they decided to have an extravagant lights show). Today's Gratitude Item: Being *mostly* ready for school this week :)

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Fractured Triangle

This one turned out much better than expected. Today's Gratitude Item: Staff meeting after school was mercifully brief. The only thing better than short meetings is no meetings at all.

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