Magic Mosaic Target

This one is far too pink for my liking. Today's Gratitude Item: Another quieter day which was great as it meant having time to get ready for next week.

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Rigid Ripple Revisited

Looks like something that could be used for target practice. Today's Gratitude Item: Driving home today I realised that I was content. The sun was shining, it was cold outside,…

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Around Again

Is this one right on target? Today's Gratitude Item: Recycling course schedules was much easier than anticipated. I did not realise that our system was set up to allow us…

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Target Practice

As in a bunch of fractal targets. This one did not turn out quite as well as hoped. Today's Gratitude Item: A delightful lunch! It was our 12 grader's last…

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Fire Aim

As in a target with a bit of a difference. Today's Gratitude Item: My cartoon objecting to UN resolution 2334 (and the fact that New Zealand co-sponsored said resolution) has…

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Target Practice

Had fun with this one. Today's Gratitude Item: Problems that on closer inspection are not really problems! One of my students was having a problem exporting a game she has…

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Lime Target

I think "wishy washy" would be a good description of this one. Never mind. Today's Gratitude Item: Scheduling "catch up time" for my 11th graders. It turns out that they…

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