Sky Stripes

This is one of those times when lighter colours was the best option. Today's Gratitude Item: A reasonably chilled out afternoon where no work was done! The break was nice…


Summer Slats

Named because it reminded me of a beach (in summer). Definitely an odd image to be posting now that winter is on the way but sometimes it goes like that.…

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Stripe Play

As in I was playing with my fractal generator and this appeared. Today's Gratitude Item: A weird day where I ended up going to school, staying for briefing and then…

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Modern Beach Blind

Something different that is quite joyful. The pattern was a very nice surprise. Today's Gratitude Item: That we had nice dry weather for today's fire drill which was a relaxing…

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Horizontal Play

This one is quite pretty - even though there is a lot going on in it. Today's Gratitude Item: That my students are slowly completing their *very* overdue assignments. This…

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Stripe Fan Play

The small holes in this one are what make it work. Today's Gratitude Item: That uninstalling and then reinstalling my mom's Skype app fixed the problem that we were having.…

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Iridescent Tire Tracks

I wonder what kind of vehicle would make these tracks... Today's Gratitude Item: That our 'Junior Activity Week' activities went quite smoothly. The students seemed to enjoy the various online…

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Magenta Line Up

Simple but effective. It could be a close-up of an ornate purple comb. Today's Gratitude Item: Getting today's wordle in three moves. Definitely a case of "more lucky than good"!

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Predawn Rays

It's time for something soft and gentle... Today's Gratitude Item: A busy day that went extremely well. We had Google visit our school as we are beta testing Practice Sets…

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Deep Summer Frond

It's weird to be posting something that would be perfect for summer when it is barely spring in my part of the world but sometimes that's just the way it…

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