Gentle Ocean Mosaic

I'm assuming that the ocean in question has a lot of algae, seaweed and other green marine organisms. Today's Gratitude Item: That nothing exciting happened today. In my world, uneventful…

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Digital Orb

Just a bit of regular fun. Today's Gratitude Item: Not having to go outside at all today. It's been raining. A lot. Nothing quite like this kind of weather for…

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Hole Delight

Here is something quite modern for a change. Today's Gratitude Item: A successful visit to the dentist. Am all sorted for another year (it's a really good feeling).

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Intense Tile Chain

One of those times when an intense splash of colour is a good idea. Today's Gratitude Item: Finally getting a result from one of my student's externals for last year.…

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Quad Spin

I liked the funky hole in the middle of this one, so it got rendered. Today's Gratitude Item: That helping my dad get his COVID passport onto his phone was…

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Mosaic Wall

Subdued but reasonably attractive - this could make a decent background... Today's Gratitude Item: Having a brilliant birthday. Being spoiled by loved ones never gets old.

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Random Poetry

This one is a bit different. The poem was created a while ago out of random phrases that our English department cut up and left out (the idea was to…

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Named for the fact that this pattern repeats ad-infinitum. Today's Gratitude Item: A brilliant day 'out' visiting xero. They organised a day of fascinating sessions which has given me an…

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Magenta Squares

A simple one that mostly works. Today's Gratitude Item: Beating a paricularly challenging document into submission. It took a while but was worth the effort.

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Gentle Canvas

A calming variation on a theme - we've definitely been here before. Today's Gratitude Item: The start of daylight saving. In my mind, that means that summer is just about…

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