Upgraded Spin

As in a spinning image that has had a small upgrade. Today's Gratitude Item: Getting a number of those 'little things' sorted.

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Spin Ball

It's a miracle that this one did not get tangled / knotted. Today's Gratitude Item: Banana boxes. They are a great size for transporting obsolete books to the skip for…

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Fan Mosaic

This one was made with Context Free Design Grammar. Let's just say it's been a long time since my last 'play' with this very cool little program. Today's Gratitude Item:…

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Spin the Blues

Warning: Viewers may experience dizziness when exposed to this image. Today's Gratitude Item: That the pro-Israel 'protest' in Auckland today had a fantastic turnout and positive media coverage. It was…

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Poison Puck

Whilst this one looks pretty, its probably quite painful to make contact with it. Today's Gratitude Item: Having plenty of space to dance! For the last two and a half…

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