Sharp Turn

Here is yet more proof that 'spiky' can be a good thing. Today's Gratitude Item: We are finally into 'short sleeves' weather. Sometimes a sweater is still needed but it's…

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Thorn Arch

As in an arch made up of thorns. Today's Gratitude Item: Finally finding a web based colour picker which allows users to enter an html code and then generate more…

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Cracker Line

This is firmly in the 'not sure' pile. Somehow I thought it would turn out better than it did. Today's Gratitude Item: Being able to recycle a 'blank' coin for…

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Thorny Rose

This time around, the thorns are part of the flower. Today's Gratitude Item: That when things don't quite work - it is easy to screen cast the problem. This saves…

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Geo Thorns

Or perhaps, 'thorny triangle'. Today's Gratitude Item: Not having to mark practice exams! Whilst things are still far too busy, it could be a lot worse.

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Cog Weave

Simple but 'strong'. Today's Gratitude Item: Getting all my 11th grade databases marked. There were some surprises (both good and bad). Overall I was pleased with the results.

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Only Blue

Sometimes spiky can work out well. As long as one is not on the receiving end of said spikes. Today's Gratitude Item: Being indoors on a *very* rainy day.

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Sharp Oasis

Definitely different. This does not look like a fun place to visit. Today's Gratitude Item: Getting my 11th graders' graphing projects marked and returned. My students always keen to find…

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Spiked Scales

This is what happens when you take the Mandelbrot equation and play with it. A lot! Today's Gratitude Item: Being ready for Monday. I'm not exactly looking forward to it…

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Pastel Quarter

The original for this one was both too pale and quite plain. In this case, some judicious post-processing came to the rescue. Today's Gratitude Item: Being invited to run a…

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