Rule #24

Finding a suitable 'x' quotation for the alphabet series was a bit of a challenge. Today's Gratitude Item: A brilliantly relaxing day.

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Rule #22

Happily, validating code is relatively straight forward. Especially if said validation is not left until the very end of the process. Today's Gratitude Item: Finding out a critical piece of…

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Rule #26

In a class of students, there will always be one who submits work as a .rar instead of the requested .zip Today's Gratitude Item: That 'the fast' went well for…

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Rule #25

I probably say this at least once a period to a student who is struggling. On a good day, this line even works. Today's Gratitude Item: A very special birthday…

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Rule #16

Related to Rule #25 (You can do this). Today's Gratitude Item: Being *mostly* ready to go back to school tomorrow.

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Rule #20

Funnily enough, this one is hard for a lot of my students. Today's Gratitude Item: Local body elections are finally over! This means that the various hoardings will soon come…

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Rule #19

Obvious advice which is often ignored. Today's Gratitude Item: Finally finding a really good tool for writing (and testing) regular expressions.

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Rule #17

The trick is to ask the right questions. Today's Gratitude Item: Getting a wireless adapter for my desktop. It worked like a charm and my 'office' has finally been set…

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Rule #14

Being 'different' is a lot more fun. Today's Gratitude Item: Finding a $20 note on a walk! It was surreal but fun.

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Rule #13

Or should that be 'Make IT work'? Today's Gratitude Item: Banana boxes! They are sturdy and just the right height for transforming my 'sitting' area into a much more comfortable…

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