Drain Again

For some reason, pretty drain holes keep appearing on my screen. Weird. Today's Gratitude Item: Getting progress reports done. They needed to be done by the end of this week…

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Modern Flower

With a twist! Today's Gratitude Item: That my last appointment for this evening cancelled which meant getting home slightly earlier than expected. It was still a 'too long' day though...

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Ornate Star of David

Can't see the Star of David? Try squinting Today's Gratitude Item: That embedding a forum in a website is incredibly easy. Hopefully said forum won't attract spam...

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Wheel Motion

Was interesting enough to be worth keeping - but only just. Today's Gratitude Item: Having only five more essays to mark! This is just a small 'bite' out of the…

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Rotating Ribbons

Did not work out as well as I'd hoped. Never mind... Today's Gratitude Item: A random spurt of creativity. Let's just say that it's been a while.

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Kosher Ribbon

This one is a variation on a theme. Today's Gratitude Item: Getting to walk twice today (and not needing an umbrella on either occasion).

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Ribbons in Motion

Looking at this one for too long could make one quite dizzy. Today's Gratitude Item: Finally getting an idea for a cartoon for 'drop down menu' week (it's a usability…

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