Prize Blue

As in it looks like a blue ribbon - which is traditionally an award for first place. Today's Gratitude Item: Trying out a new venue for dance class was a…

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Ribbon Work

Another spirograph inspired design. Today's Gratitude Item: A colleague showed me a very fast way to follow up student attendance. It cuts out several steps and is very easy to…

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Custom Silk Ribbons

Here is another one of those "I wish these were real" images. Today's Gratitude Item: Enjoying another lovely Saturday. There is something very special about taking an entire day off…

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Ribbon Ripples

If it's both pretty and simple, does that make it 'pretty simple'? Today's Gratitude Item: Learning this dance (it was shared by the Tauranga Group leader). It's pretty and I…

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Ribbon Joy

At the time this seemed like a great idea - now I'm not so sure. Today's Gratitude Item: An early night (and one more day before the weekend).

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Ribbon Aloft

This one shows that 'modern and simple' can be a good thing. Today's Gratitude Item: That things are slightly quieter this week with senior exams. Of course the flip side…

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Rustic Ribbon

The design reminds me of bird footprints... Today's Gratitude Item: Spreadsheets! It turns out that I love them - especially as they can make life a lot easier.

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Ribbon Success

It's good when one gets a nice 3D effect... Today's Gratitude Item: Getting today's wordle in two guesses! It was a great start to what has been a lovely day…

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Ribbon Factory

In a fractal world, this is where ribbons are made. Today's Gratitude Item: Read one book (427 pages) and made four video tutorials. All in all a 'balanced' day which…

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Ocean Ripple

In this case the small version looks nicer than the large version... Today's Gratitude Item: Finding my lost bookmark. It was in the last place I looked.

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