Fabric Patches

I've always liked denim fabric. Today's Gratitude Item: A peaceful, enjoyable afternoon. My colleagues were at a paid union meeting, the kids all went home and this meant I was…

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Teal Tunnel

One of those times when shiny and silky is good. Today's Gratitude Item: Whilst I have a cough and runny nose, it appears to be a run of the mill…

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Ocean Blinds

This one is very blue and very ornate. It goes that way sometimes. Today's Gratitude Item: A brilliant day where everything 'just worked'. It's great when that happens.

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Lace Layers

A bit ornate for my liking but it might appeal to someone out there. Today's Gratitude Item: A blissful two-day break from work and my computer screen. I really love…

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Wave Ridges

Oddly likeable. Today's Gratitude Item: Having a day off from working. I felt guilty but in a good way.

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Molecular Connections

A very pleasant surprise. Today's Gratitude Item: Realising that I can use github classroom to easily share templates / resources with students. At school, if I use google classroom /…

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Sky Net

Dedicated to all the Terminator fans out there. Today's Gratitude Item: Great barista coffee from an unexpected source.

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Two Roads at Dusk

Question is, which of the roads in question is less traveled? Today's Gratitude Item: 'Tiger Tail' wire. This is basically wire used in making jewelry and it is also perfect…

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Grunge Spot

For some reason this one really appeals to me... Today's Gratitude Item: There is a light at the end of the tunnel - hopefully it is not an oncoming train.…

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Funky Fold

Make a design, then fold it backwards and see what happens. Today's Gratitude Item: A stress free, relaxing day. I can't believe that my holiday is just about over! Tomorrow…

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