Modern Ripple Cross

Kept this one mostly because I liked the colours. Today's Gratitude Item: A bit of peace and quiet. Things have been quite 'full on' and having some quiet down time…


Man Meeting

It's been ages since my last 'Mandelbrot'. This one has an additional flower which is quite cool. Today's Gratitude Item: Using Chat GPT to help with an Excel formula. That…

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X-Box Explosion

Another image where negative space plays a pivotal role. Today's Gratitude Item: Finally getting Adobe Illustrator to work again on my school laptop. Let's just say there were 'issues' and…

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St George Fire

Kind of looks like a St George's Cross, only on fire. Today's Gratitude Item: Finally figuring out how to use a mix of Javascript and php to get the current…

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Rich Berry Ripple

This one has more 'ripple' than 'berry' (it was named mostly for the intense red colour). Today's Gratitude Item: A peaceful Rosh Hashana which was not as sad as I…

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Treasure Feather

The 'treasure' here is a reference to the idea that 'x marks the spot'. The 'x' in this case is quite intricate. Today's Gratitude Item: That my computer 'blue screened'…

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Simple Square String

Red does not usually work all that well for me - this was a pleasant exception to that rule. Today's Gratitude Item: Being inspired! For the longest time getting stuff…

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Another Disc

There is a lot of geometry going on in this one. Today's Gratitude Item: Finally getting to enjoy sushi again after seven very long weeks. We're still stuck in Level…

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Gathered Together

As in this one is gathered together at the center. Today's Gratitude Item: A really great dance session. By the end of it I felt refreshed and better than I…

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Hot Cross

As in a cross that is red-hot. Today's Gratitude Item: Watching a stupid / funny movie on TV. I needed both the break and the laughs.

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