Comment & Content Policy

Like my ‘ground rules’ post from quite some time ago, this one has been a while in the making. In recent weeks, I’ve received several emails from users’ either offering to write content for this blog or asking me to link to unrelated sites.

So here’s the policy…

‘Not Quite Perfect’ welcomes comments provided that they are relevant and reasonable. Comments which include irrelevant hyperlinks or advertising will be deleted (and marked as spam).

Likewise, if you are reading this and are a fractal enthusiast you are welcome to get in touch.

Please …

  • Don’t ask me to link to your blog / website (the answer is ‘no’). If I see a site that I love, I’m smart enough to link to it without prompting.
  • Don’t get in touch asking me to update links on pages that are older than 12 months. With a blog of this age, some ‘link rot’ is inevitable and life is too short to update a random link that was posted at some point in the distant past.
  • Don’t offer to write content for this blog. I’ve been doing this for a while and don’t need help.
  • Don’t post spam comments! They will be marked as spam and reported.

My customary fractal and “Gratitude Item” will be back tomorrow.