Green Babushka

Could not resist the inclusion of some clovers on this one.

Today’s Gratitude Item: That our Internet is working again. It went down late on Sunday afternoon and only got fixed last night. Orcon’s customer service* was “disappointing” and it was only after I literally screamed at them that they sent out a technician who was simply put, awesome. Happily said technician worked his magic and all is once again well in my world.

*For some reason, Orcon’s ‘tech support’ (and I use the word ‘support’ in it’s loosest possible sense) is based in Manilla. It took three calls to these people to get some action on the problem and they did not seem to care. It was difficult to understand them, the line was terrible and they were not clear on how long the problem would take to get fixed. I seriously wish Orcon would bring their call-centre back to New Zealand (or at least route calls to a centre where the background noise is not so loud).