Ice Nets

These nets will catch whatever is thrown at them!

Today’s Gratitude Item: That “the batmitzvah” (of a friend’s daughter) is over. My mom was heavily involved in the preparation / planning of said event and whilst it was amazing, a day spent with hands in warm (but dirty) water washing up for over 80 people is not my idea of fun. Thankfully there was a steriliser in the kitchen we were using – which made the process straightforward.

Another good thing is that there were lots of people more than willing to help out. This did not prevent my feet from being very sore by the end of the afternoon. If I ever do get married, eloping and avoiding the associated wedding fuss will be a definite possibility.

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  1. Thomas

    If you do decide to elope, make sure to have it videotaped. That way, loved ones can see what they missed.

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