Subway Soccer

Pattern reminded me of the tiles one might see on the walls of a subway station. Sadly we don’t have the population to make travel by subway viable (it was really great to use the subway in London and Washington DC).

Today’s Gratitude Item: My first “follower”. For a while blogger has had a “follower” feature where one can keep track of favourite blogs using blogger (rather than another service). Today, I noticed that I have one follower. This one’s for you Neyer-93! I guess its a complement that he chose one of my fractals for his avatar 🙂

Hopefully my “regulars” / those who have been with me for a while don’t feel left out. I *kind of* know that you are out there and love the comments and feedback, but this is the first time that I’ve been able to see a “follower” when logging onto blogger.

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  1. Ashwin Rao

    There are many subscribers of your blogs rss feed :).. Had subscribed to your field for the past 2 months. I guess the followers shows the most recent followers. Added your blog again to the list of blogs I follow.. Keep up your good work…:)

  2. Dzeni

    Thanks for your kind words and encouragement. The “blogger” feature only shows those followers who use “blogger” to keep track. It does not show everyone who subscribes to the RSS feed – which is a pity. They should work on that 🙂

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