Blue Balloon

This one is done totally in Illustrator. Its less demanding than the rainbow / fractal version.

Today’s Gratitude Item: Getting some “Up and Go” for use in emergencies. Turns out that sometimes school gets so busy, I literally do not have time to eat. Consuming an emergency “Up and Go” should help when the going gets tough.

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  1. Bart Treuren

    this is excellent and has got me wondering how you managed to coax illustrator to do all this for you… i can manage the gradients and most of the artwork but there’s a complexity here i’m envious of…

    keep well…

  2. Dzeni

    The “secret” is to use a blend with specified steps and a relatively thin stroke to get the flowing lines. What you do is you draw the top and bottom line only (in light and dark blue) and then create a blend. There’s quite a few great tutorials on how to do this. Its a simple, powerful technique that is very useful for creating those abstract designs.

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