Rising Cog

Its like a rising sun, only the “sun” in question is now a spiral cog.

Today’s Gratitude Item: That I no longer itch all the time. About a week ago, something decided I was lunch. And dinner. And breakfast. By the end of the “bug” feast, was left with 68 itchy red spots. Happily they are healing nicely and whatever it was that bit me has either died or moved on. The culprit remains a mystery. The bites look like flea bites but I don’t have any dogs / cats in my life and the hunt for beg bugs came up empty. The worst part of the experience was not knowing what was eating me / how to get rid of it.

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  1. Stargazer

    Very warm, rich colors. Your “cogs” are quite lovely.

    BTW – I’m glad the mysterious itching is clearing up. Maybe it was a spider on a rampage 😛

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