Tartan Hearts

Look closely at the LHS and you’ll notice that there are hearts woven into this design. It was an experiment that turned out nicely.

Today’s Gratitude Item: Getting three of my fractals printed in A2 size. My dad literally did the running around for me, as “my” printer is in the city relatively close to where he works. Am super excited! These fractals will be auctioned off on the 9th of November – can’t wait to see how the do.

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  1. runnerfrog

    Have a great special day.
    Indeed the weave is very accomplished, surprising too.
    About the gratitude item: Which are the fractals to be auctioned? Will be any internet participation in the auction?

  2. Trée

    Jenni, this image is nothing less than magnificent. Love the hearts, love the design, love the colors, especially the highlights. Wonderful work!

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