White Iris

This one was made rather quickly to illustrate something for a friend. When I rendered it (on a black background), it was quite grainy. Being too lazy to clean it up (the hard way), I simply make a negative image of it and that made the grain around the edges much less obvious. I think thats cheating, but it worked.

Today’s Gratitude Item: Getting a phone call that I was waiting for. The call came in much later than expected and I was beginning to “freak out”. Everything is fine now (thankfully).

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  1. Stargazer

    Hey, that’s not cheating. Doing what works, and saving time always is a plus. This image on the white background is awesome!

  2. runnerfrog

    I can’t see any iris except a bothanic iris, am I wrong? I’m going crazy here! 🙂

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