Digital Weirdness

This one is rather aptly named. Its a "wire and tubes" fractal but you would not think so to look at it. It took an insanely long time to render (more than four hours) at 4M (2000 x 2000). The coloured background makes a nice change.

Today’s Gratitude Item: A day in which just about everything went well. A meeting that I was dreading was mercifully short and painless and the current project I a working on is literally coming together nicely.

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  1. Intergalactic Stacey

    I really like the grid-like surroundings. Beautiful color choice, and you’re right – the colored background is nice. Now I think I’m inspired to try something else besides black.

  2. WelshWench

    Such a wonderful blue! You’ve produced some terrific wires & tubes fractals! 🙂

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