Outpost 52

Somewhere at the edge of civilisation, was Outpost 52.

Many of you will recognise the above fractal. It is a direct result of Trystan’s script with very little “tweaking”. Its not very creative but it was a start.

Today’s Gratitude Item: The filing cabinet in my classroom that got damaged during the move upstairs has been fixed. This is wonderful as I can now access the student files inside and can lock my computer away when it is not being used.

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  1. Bart Treuren

    Beautiful 3D effect, reminds me of looking down into the Mines of Moria (LOTR) which was probably at the end of civilisation in its own way…

    Thanks for reacting with useful input… I’m trying to be evenhanded but sometimes meanings, words and info (or lack thereof) don’t coincide in the ways I’d like them to… will follow-up this evening

    Keep well…

  2. Trée

    Beautiful rendition.

  3. TotalChaos

    Nicely worked, and the colors well spaced to bring out the 3D effect.

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