This one reminded me of the leaves that are currently falling from the trees.

Part of the reason that I love Autumn is that it is the most beautiful season of all. That beauty is tinged with sadness as I know that it is transient and will be replaced by a cold, dark and wet winter.

Today’s Gratitude Item: Getting slightly cheaper petrol than expected. Price adevertised on the board was $1.56 per litre, price on pump was $1.57 per litre. Guy at the till was having a tough day due to the almost constant price changes so processed the price at $1.57 and then gave me a $1.00 change where he only needed to give me 75c. Its a small thing, but often it is the little things that matter.

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  1. mijzelf

    Oh my, Dzeni…you are right..this is too funny!! Autumn on your blog and Spring on mine.. 🙂 You are not wrong though, Autumn is also extremely beautiful..

  2. Trée

    Autumn for you and spring for me. Interesting how nature works. Good luck with the kids this week. 🙂

  3. Lindsey

    We are paying $2.55 a gallon. :0(

    It’s making very sad.

  4. TotalChaos

    Beautiful Autumn work, Jenni.
    We think we have it bad on petrol, but we are only paying US$2.80 per Gal. here in CA.

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