No Circlulars

Here in NZ, “Circulars” refers to “junk mail” such as shopping catalogues and real estate brochures. In order to save paper / cut down on junk mail, it is common to see a “no circulars” sign on people’s letter boxes.

I liked the visual pun so decided to make this into a stamp. Local postage in NZ is 45c and the logo at the bottom of the stamp was taken from the New Zealand Post homepage.

I used the Stamp Frame on Flickr Toys for this image which means that the above image is not available in large size.

Today’s Gratitude Item: Have managed to do most of the stuff on my list without it getting too late.

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  1. Trée

    Jenni, I am constantly amazed at your creativity. You have turned fractal creation into an art form of a higher order. Now all my fractals look naked. 😀

  2. Oliviah

    You are simply brilliant. I still like that one that says “Luck has nothing to do with it!” My, that feels good!

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