For Others they Sing

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This post is dedicated to my dad and my dad’s dad (my late grandfather). Its for my dad because he washed and waxed my car for me this morning. I did not ask him to do it. Its his way of “saying” that he loves me.

Had to tutor this morning so I drove to my student’s house in my pristine, better than new car. Did not even make it to the motorway when a seagull decided to use my newly washed car for target practice. Most of the ‘missile’ missed, but not all of it. So my beautiful clean car was no longer beautiful and clean.

I could almost hear my grandfather say “for others they sing”. Hence the dedication.

Needless to say dad noticed that my car was no longer beautiful and pristine when I returned home. My dad is a bit like “Sherlock Holmes”. He notices EVERYTHING!!! We laughed about it. After all, short of using seagulls for target practice, what else can you do?

Graphic above is called “Wrapped Diamond”. It is designed to take one’s mind off the desire to shoot seagulls.

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  1. TotalChaos

    Beautiful variations on a theme.
    I hate to wash my car, ’cause I know something is going to get it. Birds, trees, or ash from fires.

  2. Stacey Whaley

    Your dad was so sweet! That was a very nice thing for him to do. Too bad about the seagull poo!

  3. Anonymous

    MY Uncle used to say this also – "or others they sing" what does it mean?

  4. Dzeni

    It means that instead of singing nicely for me, the bird pooped on my car.

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