Below is another computer generated, curve stitched design. If you look at it for a minute or so, it grows on you.

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  1. Tracy

    Nice colors! Very energizing

  2. TotalChaos

    You keep this up, girl, and I am going to have to learn the rules. Dang, I’m old and it is hard to learn new tricks. This is wonderful, and the one before this also. I didn’t have time to comment on it, was gone for 14 hours. This work is wonderful.

  3. Trée

    Beautiful work again. I need to expand my horizons. Thanks for inspiring me to do more.

  4. Unknown

    Do you have the template for the curve stitching?

  5. Dzeni

    Alejandra, I'm not sure what you mean? The image was generated using Context Free Design Grammar. If you want the code / a high resolution version of the image, please email me.

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