Small Blue Beads

Have been waiting a while to post this one. I have always had a thing for beads and alternating blue triangles. I don’t know why this is.

The above graphic was created using Context Free Design Grammar.

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  1. TotalChaos

    ‘Cause the’re so dang pretty, I guess. That is nice.

  2. Gel

    This shows a different type of talent than I’ve seen here on my first visit. I like the delicate pattern that reminds me of a floral or a star combined. I can see why you like quilts. So do I.

    I noticed we have several things in common. I’m also Jewish, I used to teach math and science although I’m working now as a professional artist. (A mole is not my favorite number but I do have favorites ;).)
    Imaginary number i is one of them.

    I need (and want to work on a painting.) I’m going to email you because I’ve not joined any webrings. I have some questions about Jewish Bloggers since I’m not religious, but am culturally and ethnically proud and involved in my background. If your email isn’t here in your profile, mine is in my blog profile. I hope you visit!

    I’ll be back.

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