Could have entitled this post “Aaaaargh!” but Frustration sums it up well enough. My home computer is once again not working. This time have opted to reformat the entire thing and then revert to backed up contents. To be more accurate, have given my computer to my genius brother who will do the deed for me (thanks bro).

My other source of frustration?? The fuel price is now up to $1.53 per litre (Thanks Katrina).

The Labour government’s response to suggestions that they should remove some of the tax on petrol to give us relief?? “New Zealanders should be focused on becoming less dependent on fuel and should use more public transport”. The fact that this suggestion is laughably impractical on so many levels does not seem to have occurred to these esteemed politicians. For the record, a whopping 43% of the current petrol price goes to the government in the form of taxes / levies.

To be fair, National would not decrease the taxes on petrol, but they won’t raise the price by 5c for the Kyoto Protocol either. For more information on what each party says the will do regarding tax / petrol, take a look at this handy summary from the NZ Herald.

Missing my usual fractal?? Never fear. The plan is to post a new image tomorrow night.

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